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Philosophy is a big word for a new business. However, if we were to define our philosophy, it would centre on turning away from existing patterns, taking an enlightened and unbiased approach to the daily routine, focusing on the self, taking conventions to the point of absurdity, and founding new lifestyles. In art, journalism, science, and many other fields the character of the subject of activities is pushed increasingly into the foreground. One of the many other fields is the production of furniture. Tables, chairs and shelves are more than shaped, lifeless material. They are passive witnesses to and in some ways also actors in our time. And we treat them accordingly. We don’t produce for markets, but rather for human beings; we don’t concern ourselves with design trends, though we express ourselves firmly; we don’t look for solutions, though we find forms. As a rule, we don’t concern ourselves so much with efficiency, but rather with the satisfaction of craftsmanship. Gonzofurniture is committed to building furniture by hand. We respect the world of things, and we are ready to make a contribution to the arrangement of your living space.
The products in the first collection are made from layered and bonded birch wood, and individual surfaces are furnished with a veneer of fine hardwood. Each piece of furniture is individually hand-made and therefore unique. According to our taste, mass production and rationalization are not compatible with producing a good style. We’d much rather bring out the specific character traits of each individually crafted piece. The natural layers of the material develop either into a characteristic linear structure or else are covered in plain white.

All surfaces are sealed in highly durable lacquer. This serves to protect our products from unintended environmental influences, and keeps our customers from worrying about their piece holding its value. Appropriate use of our products shouldn’t be a problem. When constructing our products, we make a point of creating a good balance of stability and manageability. When in doubt, we generally favour stability, which differentiates our products from current furniture trends, and provides for a long life span. The single-piece design is characteristic of this.

The quality and gracefulness of our individual exhibit pieces reflect the patient, painstaking craftsmanship, as well as the inspiration that goes into each piece. We can only satisfy our high quality standards through a dynamic combination of hand and spirit, thereby creating something truly unique.
GONZO Furniture
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GONZO Furniture
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If you have questions concerning our products, an outstanding order, or would simply like to talk to us, feel free to contact us any time. We are available weekdays from 10am until 8pm.
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Welcome to GONZOfurniture.

We make furniture. You might call it eccentric – but it certainly has an assured sense of style. It isn’t meant for everybody, but that is our aim. Our products are meant for people who are lifestyle conscious and who are immune to mainstream trends. Could this be you? Take your time and explore our home page.

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When one looks closely, it reveals its entire form, leaving functionality hidden. It is inconspicuous as a coat rack should be, yet still stylish.
Space Table
In many respects distinct, angular and round at the same time, this table offers you and your guests a common starting point for culinary and spiritual journeys.
Open Desk
This desk is wide open and yet closed in itself—and its demure elegance permeates not only its surroundings, but also the nature of your work.
The sublime One
As solid as a rock shaped by the eternal pounding of the surf, this end table faces the challenges of life with confidence, subtly redefining your living space.
Swing Cube
Constant form, individual appearance, linear order, curved lines. Variable furnishings enhance the creativity of their owners and offer plenty of space for the unusual.
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Such a purchase should be well thought over, and shouldn’t be determined by rationality. We’re happy that you would like to order one of our unique GONZO Furniture products. Just leave us your address, and we will send you an order form in the mail.
You can find product details, pictures, and prices in the PDF document accompanying the product listing. We are happy to ship all over Europe, though shipping costs will have to be calculated for individual orders. Seeing as each product is individually crafted for you, we will need about eight weeks to complete your order. In the mean time, we recommend you think of a name for your new piece of furniture — and recommend that you at least introduce it to the rest of your furniture once it arrives.